The Biggest Montessori Classroom You’ve Ever Seen

Everyone dreams of having a large classroom of children working together. When Hurricane Harvey struck, it devastated the SE Texas region. Many families and children were impacted by the flooding that had occurred. The Post Oak School in Bellaire started their school year in one Read more

Kitsilano Book List

If you wish, you may also send in a wrapped book for your child to open and place in the school library. We can also give you feedback, if you would like to know if a particular book that they love is Read more

Three Year Cycle

Why is the three-year cycle important in Montessori? To receive the full benefits of a Montessori education, a child who enrolls should remain in the program for 3 years or more.  Each step of a child’s development and learning from Read more

Three Hour Work Cycle

The Work Cycle – Time Environment One of the interesting aspects of Montessori education is that Dr. Maria Montessori set up an environment for children in which they revealed characteristics which did not appear under other circumstances. One of these Read more

Theory of Learning

Every child has an inherent urge to learn, to master those things which surround them. The prepared environment is an important aspect of Montessori. Its purpose is to provide the best possible conditions for the development of the child for Read more